Welcome to CLC Hardwoods, the premier provider of fine Appalachian hardwoods.

The original company began in 1937 as a single hardwood sawmill and what has evolved is now a major exporter of forest products to markets around the world, including China, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Founder and CEO, Victor Barringer, represents the third generation of family ownership in the U.S. forest products industry The Barringer family legacy ensures that CLC Hardwoods delivers the highest quality of product, delivered by the most dependable staff employable.

Our family group of companies includes lumber production and management, as well as plywood and treated lumber. Recently, our focus has been in the marketing of hardwood lumber and specialty hardwood distribution. This year, we expect to merchandize 52 million board feet of hardwood lumber and logs. 

CLC Hardwoods’ affiliated company, Coastal Forest Resources, owns over 300,000 acres of timberland, including extensive holdings surrounding CLC Hardwoods’ lumber operations in West Virginia. We also have access to more than 229,000 acres of West Virginia timberland, ensuring our ability to meet every customer’s need by species and wood type.

Video Source: American Hardwood Information Center